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Purchase Shamir

Autograph Intelligence™

and receive the Shamir

Glacier PLUS™ UV

Anti-Reflective Coating for FREE!

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Shamir's Glacier ™ Anti-Fog is a revolutionary lens coating that prevents the backside lens surface from fogging up by absorbing the fog that accumulates, giving you clear vision when it matters most.

Right now, Shamir Glacier ™ Anti-Fog is essential for healthcare professionals who regularly experience their glasses fogging in conditions such as:

  • Wearing masks, face shields, or other protective gear

  • Inability to touch glasses from start to end of shift

  • Working in medical facilities or other essential businesses

Providing you with

Vision Relief When It Matters Most

Why Glasses Fog

Anyone who wears glasses is likely to have experienced the discomfort of blocked vision when the backside surface of their lenses fog up, virtually blinding them. This can be uncomfortable, disturbing, or even dangerous.

It can happen when stepping out in the cold, or when entering an air-conditioned environment, and it's most likely to happen during strenuous activity when the body is giving off more heat, and humidity gets trapped behind the lens.





Shamir Glacier ™ Anti-Fog's has Duplex Technology, making it the the only lens with the benefits of both an anti-reflective coating on the front side of the lens, and a permanent anti-fog coating on the backside of the lens, to provide relief against fog build up without a need for a spray or cloth activator or re-activator.




AR Coating

The only lens with an AR coating on the front to reduce, resist, repel various elements.


No initial spray or cloth activator or re-activation needed.


Permanent fog-free technology built in back-side of lens

Clearer Vision

Collects and spreads water vapor on the lens in  a pattern that preserves the vision clarity

Clearer Vision

for All

Shamir Glacier ™ Anti-Fog was initially developed for athletes, but has since been adapted to aid essential workers during this pandemic.

We are working hard to ensure those on the front lines are the first to receive, such as:

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • EMT​s

  • Police​ officers

  • Ambulance​ drivers

In the coming months, we are also hoping to aid those such as

  • Cashier​s

  • Restaurant Workers​

  • Professions where safety glasses are required

Shamir Glacier ™ Anti-Fog is also suitable for anyone who regularly experiences glasses fogging due to:

  • Sports or exercise, both indoors and outdoors

  • Work that involves strenuous activity

  • High humidity environments

Keeping the

lenses clean

  • Cleaning the front and back lens surfaces separately is recommended.

  • To remove dirt from the back surface, it is recommended to use a wet cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth.

  • You may also use alcohol, IPA or a lens cleaning solution without acetone.

  • Do not clean with acetone.

  • Do not soak or rinse with water. ​

  • No special sprays or cloths are required to activate the anti-fog coating.

  • Marking on backside of the lens is NOT recommended.


Available in these Shamir Designs

  • Available in Trivex, Clear

  • Only available with frames in Shamir provided kit.

  • All the benefits of Shamir’s Glacier Plus™ coating.

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*Due to limited production capabilities in the US, Glacier ™  Anti-Fog will be made accessible to consumers through their

Eye Care Professionals in the coming months.*

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